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RELPRO provides consultancy services in Electrical Power Systems including Generation, Renewable Generation, Transmission and Distribution. The services cover a power system’s lifecycle, starting from developing of a power system master plans on a national level, planning and project execution of new power plants (i.e., substations, power generation plants, etc.), and analysis of existing power systems on a national and/or plant level, including individual fault investigations. RELPRO specialists could deliver complete study/project and/or take specific role in a project.

Power Systems Analysis

Providing power system analysis/ studies by using major software available on the market.

Wind Farm Projects

Providing cervices related to electrical systems in Offshore/Onshore wind farm projects.


Engineering services during project execution.

Site Acceptance Tests

Site Acceptance Test witnessing according to client's specifications.

ASPEN software training

Providing training of new and experienced users of ASPEN software including OneLiner, Relay Database, Line Database, Breaker Rating Module, Power Flow Program, and DistriView.

Relay Protection Coordination

Performing Relay Protection Coordination Studies of Transmission, Distribution, and Industrial Power Systems.

Factory Acceptance Tests

Factory Acceptance Test witnessing according to client's specifications.

Power System Master Plan

Providing services for power systems master plans.