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On Site training by ASPEN certified trainer

RELPRO is providing on site training for ASPEN OneLiner software by ASPEN's Certified Trainer. The training is also provided for all other ASPEN softwares including Relay Database, Line Database, Breaker Rating Module, Power Flow Program, and DistriView.
  • Power System Network modeling
  • Relay Protection Coordination Studies

Services related to ASPEN software

ASPEN's certified trainer is involved in all services

Training by ASPEN certified trainer

The training for new ASPEN software users

Developing the Power System Models In ASPEN software

Development of the Power System model including modeling of network equipment including protection relays

Performing Relay Protection Coordination study

Analysis of relay protection coordination by using developed models of Transmission or Distribution network

Post-project/study training

Training to client's engineers that participated in the study execution. This training is focused on particular issues identified in studied network

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